Lorenz Deepmax Z1 Metal Detector

The Lorenz Deepmax Z1 is based on GBS pulse motion (ground pulse balance system). First, a short, compressed magnetic pulse is propagated using a search coil. For example, these magnetic pulses create eddy currents in conducting materials such as metal objects. After the magnetic pulse emitted by the coil is...



Metal Detector

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The Lorenz Deepmax Z1 is based on GBS pulse motion (ground pulse balance system). First, a short, compressed magnetic pulse is propagated using a search coil. For example, these magnetic pulses create eddy currents in conducting materials such as metal objects. After the magnetic pulse emitted by the coil is extinguished, eddy currents are held in a metallic object and disappear. For this reason, it is possible to detect vortex currents in the delay-time receiving phase using the same search coil that now acts as the receiving coil. A relatively complex electronic circuit is required to detect those minor voltage changes and must separate that particular signal from the received interference. This signal is amplified to amplify an acoustic phase with a voltage control oscillator (VCO), which generates an audible signal through a built-in headset or speaker when metal is searched near the coil field.



The Lorenz Deepmax Z1 is built for professional search and find applications. A variety of search coils can be attached to this metal detector. Large areas are particularly noticeable with frame windings. Brine, most varieties of land surface or temperature changes only slightly affect the detection range of the Deepmax Z1. Some unwanted objects such as nails and foil can be eliminated, or they can be identified as small unwanted objects in search of larger and deeper objects. Deepmax Z1 in conjunction with small coils is a great tool for searching for small objects deep in the ground.

Search Coils

14" Coil

18" Coil

40" x 40" Frame Square

40" x 40" Double Frame Square

Gold Nugget
Diameter = 0.19"





Silver Coin
Diameter = .98"





Brass Plate
Dimensions = 4" x 4"




5' 6"

Soft Drink Can
Dimensions = 3" x 6"

3' 11"

4' 3"

5' 4"

6' 6"

Iron Box
Dimensions = 12" x 8" x 6"

5' 6"

6' 6"

9' 2"

11' 1"

Detection Depths Recorded in Medium Air; | X = Outside the Range of the Coil
*Note: Depths Will Vary with Soil Conditions



The DEEPMAX Z1 was developed to provide a number of features including high sensitivity and stability together with easy operation. The number of controls was therefore reduced and calibration of the Detector to our factory settings was also made to guarantee the best results in the field:

  • Highly sensitive to all kinds of metal
  • Stable operation on the mineralized ground or saltwater with Pulse Ground Balancing System
  • Reliable/simple operation with few controls and customized LCD Screen
  • Exact pinpointing with large coils possible
  • Very easy and effective detection of large areas
  • Rugged, refined mechanical construction with water and dust protected electronics unit
  • A variety of search coils are available for different detection purposes
  • Automatic adaptation of different coil sizes and coil designs to the electronics
  • Small unwanted metal objects can either be identified or eliminated
  • Fast audio response speed with different audio settings
  • Logarithmic audio response and intensity bar graph reading for easy pinpointing
  • Battery check with an audio alarm tone
  • Calibrated metal classification with visual conductivity/ time delay reading
  • More stable ferrous/ non-ferrous identification
  • Precisely adjustable audio-threshold
  • Stable static response (acoustical and visual)
  • Waterproof search coils
  • Interchangeable rechargeable Battery pack for worldwide operation
  • Charge electronics for worldwide operation 90-265V AC/ 50-60Hz
  • Frequency and Filter function for low-frequency EMI interference elimination
  • Automatic ground calibration retuning facility
  • Different Delay and Sensitivity settings to eliminate small objects or for easy pinpointing
  • Extreme detection depths for very large metal objects
  • Specialized in gold and improved detection range on low conducting metal pieces
  • Low-frequency interference elimination circuitry for less interference in urban areas.
  • The high dynamic range for extreme ground signals and easy pinpointing
  • Optimal performance for the detection of small objects like coins or other non-ferrous objects
  • Single or dual, induction balanced or differential coil designs can be used
  • Multi-sensor trigger detection (MST) with several search coils working at the same time without interfering with each other. Please ask for details.
  • Easy to use data logger function works with additional Hard- and Software to generate a 2D image and 3D surface maps from the scans being taken. Each map offers different information depending on the electronic analysis method.
  • GPS-based meter, Track, Field, and Compass Heading information, makes it easy to work with the data logger.
  • New search system circuitry with all-new functions.
  • Signal strength bar graph, time delay reading, ferrous/ non-ferrous icons, battery condition, and all the mode settings are displayed simultaneously on a large LCD Screen.

Technical Specifications 

Electronics control box: 120x122x85mm
Carrying case for LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1: 400x300x220mm
1m x 1m frame coil (collapsed): 1080x150x150mm
Extended S-rod length: 1550mm
Collapsed S-rod length: 1030mm
Disassembled S-rod length: 690mm

LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 electronics control box: approx. 1300 g
Shoulder and belt strap with mounted external battery pack: approx. 3400 g
Carrying case with LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 inside: approx. 7500 g
Telescopic S pole: approx.600g
26cm single-coil: Weight approx. 500g*
26cm double D coil: Weight approx. 600g*
35cm single-coil: Weight approx. 600g*
35cm double D coil: Weight approx. 800g*
45cm single-coil: Weight approx. 700g*
1m x 1m frame coil with cable inside tubes: Weight approx. 2600g*
Universal cable coil 8m perimeter (can be used for 0,7mx0,7m; 1mx1m; 2mx2m and compensated 1m x 2m frame mounted search coil): Weight approx. 600g*
Universal cable coil 12m perimeter (can be used for 1mx1m; 1,5mx1,5m; 3mx3m frame mounted search coil): Weight approx. 900g*
1mx1m double frame coil kit: Weight approx. 7300g*
Y-Adaptor cable: Weight approx. 100g*
*All weights were taken with connecting cable and connector! The coils ranging from 26cm to 45cm in diameter need a telescopic S pole for operation.

Electrical data:
Search-frequency with small/large search coils connected: approx. 2000 / 1000 pulses per second
Audio target response voltage controlled oscillator VCO and volume/ threshold control: 0 - 4000 Hz
Power source: external rechargeable battery 12V/ 7-8Ah
Usage time: approx. 5 to 10 hours depending on temperature and connected coil
Battery charger: charger with 90-265V AC/ 50-60Hz for world-wide operation
Recharge time: approximately 8 hours depending on battery condition and ambient temperature
Operating temperature: - 5°C to + 50°C
Detection depths: see chapter 11 operating manual
Data logger: multiple channel data acquisition, supported by GPS
Storage media: internal memory
Field length: 100m maximum
Number of fields: 99
Sampling rate: 12 per second
Resolution: 24 bit

GPS Module:
Channels: 50 channels
Sensitivity -162 dBm
Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Target precisions: Position Horizontal 2.5m CEP, 2.0m SEP with SBAS
Date: WGS-84
Protocol: NMEA-0183 V3.01 GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG
Performance: Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions: 65x 45 x 22 mm

The LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 is practically service free.
The electronics control box and the other components should always be kept clean and dry. This is particularly important for the plugs and sockets, which should never be stored when being wet. The electronics control box is water and dust protected but it should be avoided to immerse the unit in water. All search coils available for the LORENZ DEEPMAX Z1 are waterproof up to the connector. All the connectors should be kept dry.
Design and specifications subject to change without notice!