About Us


Detectorhub.com (DetectorsHub) is an online website is owned and Manage by Golden Spark Security System LLC, created with the sole purpose of making its customers online journey hassle free.

We have streamlined Detectorhubs.com for easy access  to any product related information ,thus making navigation on our website easier and simpler.


DetectorHub is a seller of some of the world's most recognized brands, such as Minelab, GER Detect, Garrett, Fisher, Detech, XP, OKM, Nokta Makro products.


DetectorHub business activities are not limited to only metal detectors but also  selling Airport security hand-Held detectors, Walk through security gates, Under vehicle mirrors and X-ray scanners



Business Operations :

DetectorHub also has successful business relations with :

  • Airports across the African Region
  • Customs Organization
  • Various number of Government Sub Contractors across Africa and Middle East Region


We have introduced many products in African countries such as :

  • Tanzania 2018 (Minelab gold monster 1000)
  • In 2018 introduced (Tero Vido) across middle east and Africa
  • In 2019 Introduced Quest Metal detectors in Middle East market


Our Vision

We are dedicated on providing our customers with better products, new innovative technologies and detailed information on all of our safety products/services.

We also support our customers with exceptional service experience in terms of sales, shipping, training and suggesting the best possible areas of improvement




Detector Hubs provides sales and customer service support throughout the Globe . Our company has been growing exponentially  and we have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers in Africa.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions in the gold mining industry and to become a leading supplier of metal detectors throughout the Globe . With highly trained and  experienced professionals involved in detector business since 2017 ,are available to assist you in choosing the right product suitable for your requirements


Kindly note, we don’t ship to any Sanctioned/Restricted countries




  • Sales
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Suggesting Market Opportunities
  • Product Trainings