Garrett ACE Apex WIth 13''x13" DETECH Coil Metal Detector With Z-Lynk Wireless Headphone

The Garrett ACE Apex metal detectors are compatible with this Detech Search Coil. You will attain the best depth and most precise pinpointing by upgrading to this coil.  TECHNOLOGY AND DETAILS: Arrangement: Complete, 13" in height; approx. The coil and cover both weigh 580 g. Search Round coils with a...



Metal Detector

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The Garrett ACE Apex metal detectors are compatible with this Detech Search Coil. You will attain the best depth and most precise pinpointing by upgrading to this coil.

 TECHNOLOGY AND DETAILS: Arrangement: Complete, 13" in height; approx. The coil and cover both weigh 580 g. Search Round coils with a DD or double D coil type. There is also a coil cover.

Features: Improved sensitivity, targeting, and ground balance. Better field performance overall, more stable operation, accurate target detection. Housing with ribs that are specifically made to absorb mechanical vibrations and shocks. made from a unique polymer that was injection-molded under intense pressure and reinforced with glass fibers. The coil offers the best UV protection and is waterproof.


Metal detecting, relic hunting, ancient coins, jewelry, artifacts, gold, bronze, and all metals are among the intended uses. These coils are specifically made to scan a vast area while maintaining excellent sensitivity to very small objects, such as smaller gold nuggets, coins, jewelry fragments, thin gold chains, and larger gold nuggets. On sites with high mineralization, the coil is incredibly stable.



5 kHz 10 kHz 15 kHz 20 kHz  Multi-Salt Multi-Frequency


The name of the game is Total FLEXIBILITY. Fueled by a cutting-edge, broad digital interface, Garrett's Multi-Flex technology simply offers you more Apex flexibility than can be found on any detector in its price range! To achieve excellent detection on all targets in all soils or sands, choose from powerful single frequencies to improve detection on specific targets*, or choose one of Apex's simultaneous multifrequency modes.


For both single and multi-frequency, Apex has eight independent frequency shifts, or channels. That's 48 different frequency settings, giving Apex greater capacity to search at packed rallies alongside other detectors and to withstand electrical interference.


*Note: Lower frequencies typically provide greater and more conductive targets with better detection (e.g., large silver coins).. In general, higher frequencies provide greater detection on smaller and less conductive targets (e.g., hammered silver coins, gold nuggets).



Zero, Coins, US Coins, Jewelry, Custom, and Relics


Switch on the bright backlight when looking at night to help see the controls and target info.


Depending on the setting, the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to approximately 15 hours of use. Including the micro-USB charging cord.


175 points of resolution of ground equilibrium (like the Garrett AT Max), varying from ferrous ground to saltwater.


Up to six times faster than Bluetooth, the unique Garrett Z-Lynk wireless technology. Start chasing without the cables!


The unique feature of Garrett helps to distinguish complex iron objects, such as bottle caps, correctly.


The most frequently used controls have direct-drive buttons. Adjustments to the easy-access menu for other controls.


With a simple look, oversized Digital Target ID numbers can be read quickly, offering target conductivity/identity.


Notch Discrimination, twenty pixels, including eight Iron pixels. Create any custom pattern of detection you like.


Five separate tones provide higher detection of audible targets than on previous Garrett detectors.


The quick reactivity of the Apex offers an improved ability to hear good targets mixed in between trash. 



Allows the user to decrease the iron target volume while the non-ferrous target volume stays at a normal level. Experienced treasure hunters often like to hear all the goals, but now they will appreciate the option of reducing the volume of those unwanted items. Apex provides more versatility than any other detector in its price range, with eight iron volume changes.


Both the built-in speaker and headphones control the overall volume.

The Garrett ACE Apex metal detectors are compatible with this Detech 13" Ultimate DD search coil. You will attain the best depth and most precise pinpointing by upgrading to this coil. The 13-inch search coil improves the detector's performance in electromagnetically loud areas, increases sensitivity compared to the normal coil, and increases stability on beaches and meadows. The revolutionary Ultimate coil technology offers you more steady operation, greater ground balancing, and the most precise target detection as compared to conventional DD coils.

All Detech search coils are made with the best components and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. For the best shock resistance, the coil is packed with modern lightweight resins that have been reinforced with glass fibers and a substance made of chopped strands. The materials offer excellent shielding and are "transparent" to electromagnetic radiation. The coils can function in a wide temperature range and are UV and weatherproof. This coil has a secure doing-up system and a coil cover as standard equipment. This coil weighs about 580 g, which is light given its size.

The innovative Ultimate coil design has certain benefits over traditional Double D search coils:

Specially designed ribbed housing with maximum UV protection is comprised of a special polymer, is reinforced with glass fibers, and is injection-molded under extremely high pressure. In a very broad temperature range, the coil maintains excellent inductive balance. improved ground balance, more stable operation, sensitivity, accuracy in identifying targets, more stable ground, improved field performance, Improved targeting, greater detection depth, and an increase of more than 20–30% in depth

Small coins (approximately 15mm in diameter) decreased by around 15%, larger coins decreased by about 20%, and relics decreased by about 30%.



Technical Specifications 

Multi-Flex Technology

Single Frequency Options

5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz

Multi-Frequency Options

Simultaneous Multi-Freq. and Multi-Salt

Z-Lynk Wireless Technology

Fast Target Separation/Recovery

1/8" Headphone jack


Iron Audio

Iron Volume Control

Iron Discrimination Segments


Volume Adjustment

✔ (Built-in)

Notch Discrimination

20 selectable segments

Search Modes

6, with International and U.S. Coins modes

Large Digital Target ID

0 to 99 scale

Sensitivity/ Depth Adjustments


Ground Balance, Auto/Manual

Auto, High Resolution, 175 pts


Waterproof coil/stem

Rainproof control box

Audio Tone ID Levels

5 tones included with hybrid binary and proportional audio system

Target Depth Indicator

2" / 5cm segments

Standard Searchcoil

6" x 11" DD Viper

Length (Adjustable)

40" to 53" (1.016m - 1.35m)

Total Weight

2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs)


Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, built-in

Battery Condition Indicator


2 Years, Limited Parts/Labor